A Nevada teen is bullied and beaten in her H.S. cafeteria

A 15-year-old girl was attacked and beaten during lunch at Palo Verde High School in Nevada. It is being described as a case of bullying that turned violent. The incident was caught on video. This comes days before millions of people wear purple for Spirit Day as a sign to oppose bullying.

The images are hard to watch as a 15-year-old female student at is atacked in the school cafeteria.
A lunch room monitor jumps in to help but the attacker refuses to let go. The victim screaming as she's punched and her hair pulled.
"I can't imagine what my daughter is feeling inside of her heart, of her mind... like where does she go from here," said Lucia Rojas, the victim's mother.

My News 3 in Las Vegas tells the full story.

Founded in 2010, Spirit Day is an international, united stand against bullying and show of support for LGBT teens and young adults everywhere. Participants can get into the spirit by:

  • Turning your Facebook, Twitter and other profile photos purple at www.glaad.org/spiritday and spreading the word by using hashtag #SpiritDay
  • Wearing purple on October 17 and encouraging classmates or coworkers to do the same
  • Uploading photos of you wearing purple to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr using hashtag #SpiritDay
  • Downloading the Spirit Day App
  • Educating your friends and family about bullying and the LGBT community
  • Getting your school, GSA, organization, etc. to become a Spirit Day partner