Nebraska won't place foster child with gay couple who has raised 5 kids

GLAAD has worked with Bryant Huddleston, an LGBT adoption advocate, who is quoted at the end of the story.

Greg and Stillman learned they wouldn’t be allowed to care for one of Nebraska’s thousands of displaced children, despite the pressing shortage of parents there and their experience raising a family of California foster care kids.
They called the number listed on the billboards, only to be rejected because they were unmarried—and gay.
“It really reinforced the second-class citizenship that gay and lesbian adults have when it comes to these things,” Greg Stewart, 55, said. “It would mean everything to us to be able to adopt.”
In August, the Stewarts, along with two other gay and lesbian couples, filed a lawsuit arguing Nebraska’s 1995 policy banning them from becoming foster or adoptive parents is unconstitutional.