NBC's David Gregory Does Not Correct Marriage Misrepresentation

Yesterday, RNC Chair Reince Priebus was a guest on NBC's Meet the Press, where he discussed President Obama's support for marriage equality with host David Gregory.

Priebus told Gregory:

On one hand, you’ve got Barack Obama who is now, I guess, going to promote and perhaps crusade for this issue. And you have Mitt Romney who’s been consistent and I think in line with most Americans – which is that marriage ought to be defined between one man and one woman.

But it's not in line with most Americans, and it hasn't been for at least a half-dozen polls, going back more than a year. In fact, a CNN poll conducted just last week, specifically focused on President Obama's statement, found a majority of Americans approve of his stance on marriage. And this is something Gregory should know.

While they're certainly not there to take sides or play favorites, news hosts like David Gregory and others are there to inform their audiences. And when pundits or guests present misinformation like this, it's their job to correct it.