NBC News holds Scott Lively accountable

Major kudos to NBC News, which is running an extensive report on one of the worst subjects we track in GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project: Scott Lively.

In a well-rounded take on Lively's past, present, and the future he hopes to create (read: one that viciously and violently shuns LGBT people), NBC News senior writer Tony Dokoupil has crafted a fully fleshed out portrait of the anti-LGBT movement's most vocal opponents, making it clear that Lively's advocacy is directly connected to the broader "culture war" against us.  Here's a snippet and a link to the full article:

To whip up support for [anti-gay policies], Lively simply shares his beliefs about gay people: They’re dangerous predators, even killers. And they caught this gay “disorder” through “an evil game of tag,” a chain of abuse in which gays recruit kids into sodomy just as they were once recruited. In this way homosexuality spreads like “a social cancer,” he claims, until nothing remains of the Christian world.
At a Watchmen on the Walls conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in August of 2007, U.S. pastor Scott Lively tells the crowd that everything wrong with America can be traced to "the homosexual movement."

It’s unclear where Lively gets his virulent science, since study after study suggests homosexuality begins with biology not abuse, but his political strategy is easy to trace. It’s an export straight from the American culture wars of the 1990s, when Lively was communications director of the Oregon Citizens Alliance, then the largest anti-gay political group in America. OCA pioneered the idea of criminalizing gay advocacy, convincing more than a dozen Oregon suburbs to forbid anything that may “promote, encourage or facilitate homosexuality” — much as Putin has done in Russia.   

FULL: 'The rainbow belongs to God': Anti-gay US pastor sets sights on Sochi Olympics [NBC News]

This is the kind of mainstream media report that we need more of.  It's what GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project has been seeking for the past year and a half.  The goal is not to ignore the individuals who are so viciously fighting us, despite the other side's constant claims that we are trying to silence their speech.  Instead, the goal is to paint well-rounded portraits of these anti-LGBT commentators, refusing to let them hide behind carefully crafted talking points and politically advantageous newspeak.  When they say they want to "cure," "change," "export," "criminalize," or free us of our Satan possession (all things that GLAAD CAP subjects have claimed), then these commentators traverse the bounds of responsible public engagement and put themselves smack dab in the realm of anti-LGBT animus.  

Scott Lively is an easier one because he has been so overt about his global war against LGBT humanity.  But Lively is far from alone. We need continued scrutiny of all anti-LGBT activists.