National Youth Pride Services Celebrates 9-Year Anniversary

Congratulations to National Youth Pride Services (NYPS)! Today, the organization celebrates its ninth anniversary. NYPS works with a coalition of the nation’s leading youth organizations to celebrate and “exceed the needs of African American youth.” Black LGBT youth around the nation have benefitted tremendously from the dedication of NYPS and we applaud that effort. Earlier this year in February, the organization was invited to The White House for the Emerging LGBT Leadership Summit. Please visit their website for a complete list of their national teams and programs, here.

Currently, NYPS is in Phase 1 of the National Strategy for Black Gay Youth. This groundbreaking program is dedicated to improving the education, emotional, physical, social and mental conditions of gay black youth. A dedicated assembly of youth leaders and organizations around the nation has signed on to the strategy, which aims to survey 2,500 youth and will be published nationally once the survey concludes.

Just recently, on October 19, GLAAD had the pleasure of working alongside NYPS for Spirit Day. Frank and NYPS showcased tremendous support, addressing significant issues for Black gay youth, particularly in creating a safe space where their race and LGBT identity can peacefully exist.

Frank writes,

“Today is a day we encourage people to stand up when you hear someone use anti-gay slurs ANYWHERE, ANY DAY, ANY TIME and ANY PLACE. Don’t just take this pledge on Spirit Day, take this pledge as a life long social justice activity.”

GLAAD has enjoyed a great relationship with NYPS and commends them on their accomplishments, tenacity and commitment to social change as a life-long social justice activity. We look forward to seeing the significant work that NYPS will put forth as it continues to empower and celebrate Black LGBT youth.

Happy Anniversary,