National outlet names Texas LGBT advocate an 'Inspiring Latina'

Christina Canales Gorczynski, a Latina lesbian has been named an "Inspiring Latina" in a story on Gorczynski, a powerhouse advocate based in Houston, says she draws strength from her family history. Her aunt, for example, came to the United States "during the Mexican revolution" with nothing and became an entrepreneur, opening a successful restaurant. Her parents both served on the Houston City Council. Gorczynski was inspired by their examples to speak up and make sure that in her home state no one is denied housing, work, or services for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

She also became one of the faces for marriage equality in the state, posing for a postcard with her wife, an advocate in her own right. She and her partner had to wed elsewhere, because pending court decisions, Texas does not allow lesbian and gay couples to marry. A lawyer by training, Gorczynski wants all people in her state to be treated equally in accordance with the values of the city, state and country she loves.

"I think people should be able to participate in their communities to the fullest extent. Houston [is] this incredibly diverse, beautifully international city, and no one should be limited [here] in their aspiration. That is a value that is American, Texan and Houstonian."

In the story she offers young LGBT people a message of encouragement:

"Being open and authentic about who you [are] can be one of the most revolutionary things you can do."

Christina Canales Gorczynski and wife