Is the nation being bullied by one man?

So many people are frustrated by a lack of protections that could make their lives better, through passage of immigration reform and of workplace protections. There are good leaders of both parties willing to take action but House Speaker Boehner has refused to act.

A Fast for Families began 22 days ago in Washington DC to induce other leaders in the House to step up and stand up to the Speaker's inaction.  The Senate has done its job passing the bill and there are legislators in the House that would like to act, but Boehner has not.

There are an estimated 11 million undocumented people in the United States, including 267,000 undocumented gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.  Every day these individuals and families face uncertainty, risk, deportations, detention and discrimination.  They cannot work, drive, access health care, go to school, marry, raise their children, nor move freely in their pursuits to contribute positively to society because the United States refuses to fix the broken immigration system and pass much needed reform. 

Unrecognized for their daily labor, their taxed income, their years of service and their own efforts to fight for change, they look to the House.  With them stand the constituents who voted for leaders that promised to pass reform and their friends, neighbors and loved ones who are impacted by the House's continued inaction.

National labor organizations like the SEIU, LGBT organizations like the LGBT Immigrant Rights Coalition and others are supporting  the Fast for FamiliesThe President and the First Lady have visited the fasters at the Washington Mall.  Will the leaders be moved to help those on the Mall and throughout the country to break their fast and celebrate action on comprehensive immigration reform, or will they allow one man to continue to take away the promise of plenty from so many during a time when people of different faiths and orientations are supposed to celebrate the ideals of gratitude and compassion?

You can join the solidarity fast, or send them a message of support; local groups are hosting events throughout the country:

You can read the LGBT Immigrant's Coalition letter of solidarity here: