donating all-gender bathroom signs to college campuses

Back in April, after social justice advocate, Sam Killermann, criticized's attempt at gender-inclusive bathroom signage through his blog, the company contacted Killermann for advice and direction on how to improve their sign. Their original sign "despite inclusive intentions…used a cisgender-based icon that appeared as 'half man, half woman,'" according to their press release.

The new design for the bathroom sign reflects the room's purpose rather than the gender of its users through a simple toilet icon. The sign now also displays the text, "all-gender," rather than "gender-neutral" after Killermann wrote that "gender-neutral" refers to a specific identity, while "all-gender" is a more appropriate term to be inclusive of all gender identities. Marketing Director, Conrad Lumm, said in the press release:

Our intention was always to create a safe place for all gender identities. We appreciate articles like the one Sam Killermann wrote. We always strive to do better for our customers, and we're proud of the design overhaul we're introducing.

After the first donation to the Transgender Law Center (TLC), TLC told the company that college campuses need signs like these. So now, not only is creating these gender-inclusive signs, but they are also donating them to interested college campuses for free. Carrie Winans, Public Relations Officer, said they wanted to "promote a positive message" and donate these signs because "a lot of people are not aware this is an option."