#MyBisexualityIs amplifies, empowers bi voices during #BiWeek

It's Bisexual Awareness Week, and GLAAD is joining the rest of the internet by celebrating with #BiWeek, a social media campaign designed to draw attention to the public policy concerns of bisexual people while also celebrating the resiliency of bisexual culture and community.

Bi people have taken Twitter by storm today to make their voices heard. In a society that so often erases the voice of the bi community, rendering its members near invisible, the #MyBisexualityIs campaign is an empowering and personal look at the diverse experiences of people who are bisexual.

Many people used their own experiences to dispel prevalent anti-bi myths:


Others took the opportunity to tell their stories for the first time:


And some folks just straight up preached some truths:

Last but not least, GLAAD staff participated on Instagram, too:

"#MyBisexualityIs sharing my voice."


"#MyBisexualityIs working to develop bi characters that speak out for us and help build understanding of the community."


"#MyBisexualityIs a love, the depth of which surprises and teaches me each day."


You can find 10 more empowering confessions from bi people here.

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Join the conversation today by tweeting #BiFacts for #BiWeek!

From September 21-27, join GLAAD in recognizing the bisexual community for Bisexual Awareness Week, including Celebrate Bisexuality Day on September 23. Check out the new ways for bi, trans, and ally communities to get involved every day.

You can learn about the bi community, bi erasure, notable bi figures, and find resources for media at glaad.org/biweek2014 and more at bisexualweek.com.