Must See, Must Share: PSAs with a great message

Chile's Fundación Todo Mejora (It Gets Better) recently launched a great video campaign in which actors read letters from young people who have been or are being bulled. In one, an actor reads a letter from a student who says "I feel very alone. I thought I had friends but when people say homophobic things to me, no one says anything. I feel so alone." The ad sites statistics from a recent survey showing that 50% of the time when students tell their schools about homophobic bullying, nothing is done. Another in the series features two actresses reading a letter from a young person who says they wished they were invisible. Another letter is from a young lesbian who told her teacher she was tired of being ridiculed. The teacher advised the girl to ignore the insults and "never tell anyone what you are." One of the aims of the campaign is to urge teachers, parents and young people to interrupt homophobia and trans phobia. Todo Mejora recently celebrated four years of helping keep LGBT youth in Chile safe and helping them see a bright future despite what can be a bleak present when you're being bullied.