Must-See LGBTQ TV: 'Shameless,' 'Eyewitness' season finales; 'Sense8' Christmas special

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In the Shameless season seven finale, the Gallaghers lose one of their own and try to work through their own mixed feelings. Meanwhile, Lip takes steps to build a better future for himself, Kev and V devise a plan for revenge, and Debbie, Carl, and Liam get roped into Frank's newest plot. Shameless: Sunday, 9pm on Showtime.

USA's anthology series Eyewitness wraps its first season on Sunday night. In the finale, Helen learns the identity of the killer and races to find Philip and Lukas who have gone missing. Eyewitness: Sunday, 10pm on USA.

Netflix's original hit series Sense8 returns for a Christmas special on Friday. The two-hour special special - which also serves as the first episode of the show's second season - picks up where the finale left off with the eight sensates on the run from Whispers, questioning their identities, and how they've come to be able to connect to each other. Sense8 will return with 10 more episodes May 5, 2017. Sense8: A Christmas Special: Friday, on Netflix.

Sunday December 18: Shameless (9pm, Showtime); Eyewitness (10pm, USA)

Monday: America's Next Top Model (10pm, VH1)

Tuesday: Tony Bennett Celebrates 90: The Best is Yet to Come (9pm, NBC); Billy on the Street (10:30pm, Tru TV)

Wednesday: Code Black (10pm, CBS)

Friday: Sense8 Christmas Special (Netflix)