Must See LGBTQ TV: Don't miss a special 'Gaycation' and the 'Sense8' season premiere!

Grab the remote, set your DVR or queue up your streaming service of choice! GLAAD is bringing you the highlights in LGBTQ on TV this week. Check back every Sunday for up-to-date coverage in LGBTQ-inclusive programming on TV.

Ellen Page and Ian Daniels's Gaycation, a documentary show about the LGBTQ community around the globe, is returning for a special episode "United We Stand." This episode takes place closer to home, focusing on what the Trump presidency means to LGBTQ Americans, and how the community has banded together in this political climate. Join the Together movement to stand in solidarity with all marginalized communities.  Gaycation: United We Stand: Sunday, 10pm on Viceland.

This week's all new Supergirl is entirely centered on Alex and the two women in her life. Alex gets abducted by someone who knows Supergirl's secret identity, and he threatens to kill Alex unless Supergirl releases a notorious criminal from prison. Kara and Maggie are forced to work together to find Alex before time runs out, but they each have their own ideas about what is the best way. They'll have to find a compromise and work together if they want to find Alex. Supergirl: Monday, 8pm on The CW.

The second season of the GLAAD Media Award-winning science fiction show Sense8 drops on Netflix this Friday. In its second season, the show continues to follow the eight connected "sensates" as they learn to better leverage their connection to each other and fight back against the mysterious Whispers. The show, from the Wachowski sisters, includes several LGBTQ characters. One of the sensates is Nomi (Jamie Clayton), a hacker who happens to be trans, and another of the eight is Lito (Miguel Angel Silvestre), Their respective partners, Amanita and Hernando, also appear regularly. You can catch up now with the first season and the recent Christmas Special on NetflixSense8: Friday, on Netflix.

Sunday, April 30th: Call the Midwife (8pm, PBS); Gaycation: United We Stand (10pm, Viceland); Veep (10:30pm, HBO)

Monday: Supergirl (8pm, The CW); Young and Hungry (8pm, Freeform) Jane the Virgin (9pm, The CW)

Tuesday: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (8pm, FOX); Famous in Love (9pm, Freeform)

Wednesday: The Handmaid's Tale (Hulu); Survivor Game Changers (8pm, CBS); Arrow (8pm, The CW); Modern Family (9pm, ABC); Empire (9pm, FOX); Lopez (10:30pm, TV Land)

Thursday: Grey's Anatomy (8pm, ABC); Superstore (8:30pm, NBC); Scandal (9pm, ABC); Riverdale (9pm, The CW) 

Friday: Sense8 (Netflix); The Originals (8pm, The CW)

Saturday: Doctor Who (9pm, BBC America); Class (10:10pm, BBC America)