The #EqualityAct will be introduced at 2pm ET. @glaad • 0h
At @GLAAD, we were proud to help @DanReynolds and the team at @LOVELOUDfest create the first festival and we are proud to s… @zekestokes • 1h
Sign the @GLAAD petition: I oppose Trump’s transgender military ban! @westallenkiss • 2h
“Carlson’s pattern of peddling misinformation about marginalized communities, including LGBTQ Americans, is simply… @glaad • 2h
To anyone upset or scared because of this news: We love you and we will always stand with you and fight for you. 💗💖… @glaad • 14h
We will not stop fighting until every brave transgender patriot who wants to serve this country in uniform is able to do so… @zekestokes • 16h
The Trump administration is once again cruelly and unfairly targeting transgender people who have been serving this… @glaad • 15h


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