MTV launches "Look Different" campaign to help youth fight racial, gender and LGBT inequality

MTV today launched the "Look Different" campaign – a multiyear combination of on-air and digital content plus the power of social media – to give youth the tools and the forum to discuss hidden racial, gender and LGBT inequality in society. The campaign launched today with a PSA on microaggressions – verbal, nonverbal and environmental statements and actions that communicate slight or insult either intentionally or unintentionally - and the effect they have on people who regularly experience these slights.

The campaign will address gay, bi, and trans issues throughout, such as this post on the Look Different website asking viewers "Can you see the bias?" in Piers Morgan's offensive interviewing of trans advocate Janet Mock.  GLAAD worked with MTV on the campaign alongside a wide range of other partners, including GLSEN and The Trevor Project.  Additional LGBT-related content will be added to the campaign soon.

 “By shedding light on a topic that is too often overlooked and empowering young people to take action against bias, the 'Look Different' campaign has an opportunity to make lasting change," said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. "We need to work together for all youth, including LGBT youth, to feel safe and accepted in their homes, schools and communities.”

As part of the campaign, MTV will also premiere a special episode of True Life entitled True Life: I'm a Gay Athlete on Wednesday, May 7, the night before the NFL draft where Michael Sam is expected to become the first openly gay pro football player, and will follow two college athletes as they deal with coming out to their teams and families.

Get involved with the Look Different campaign now by taking the Implicit Bias Quiz, developed in coordination with the Harvard non-profit Project Implicit, to unearth unconscious biases you may hold and learn ways to dismantle those ideas.  Sign up for Racial Bias Cleanse, developed with input from the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, which will provide you with scientifically-grounded exercises over seven days to help start the process of breaking past biases you may have unconsciously been developing over years. Keep up to date with all new Look Different campaign developments through their Twitter @LookDifferent and on Tumblr.