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It's #AsexualAwarenessWeek!

Asexual Awareness Week is October 22nd-28th this year. Take some time to recognize why this awareness is so important—your asexual, demisexual, gray-asexual, and other asexual spectrum friends, family members, and fellow human beings will thank you! 

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North Carolina justice rally, organized by GLAAD Campus Ambassador, set for Saturday, December 10th

On Saturday, join activists and advocates at the “Justice for All” rally in Burlington, North Carolina.

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The WNBA and NBA stand up for LGBTQ youth on #SpiritDay

Today, the NBA and WNBA went purple to show their support for LGBTQ youth, as the world takes a stand against bullying.

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LGBTQ history comes to life in the classroom with Google Expeditions

The Google Expeditions LGBT New York City History tour reveals challenges the LGBTQ community has faced and helps to ignite meaningful classroom dialogue.

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