Morning Joe: Sarah Kate Ellis 'brings substance to her leadership role' at GLAAD

MSNBC's Morning Joe talked to GLAAD's new CEO and President Sarah Kate Ellis about her new role and the work GLAAD will take on in coming months. In addition to talking about her background in the media and why the work of GLAAD is so personal to her, Sarah Kate also talked about GLAAD's work to highlight the struggles facing LGBT Russians, who live under oppressive laws and face brutal anti-LGBT violence.

In a discussion at the GLAAD New York office, Sarah Kate told openly gay anchor, Thomas Roberts, the strategy for GLAAD's work in Russia.

"If we get those stories out, the stories live forever. The Olympics live for two weeks," Sarah Kate told Roberts. "That's what our Olympics initiative is. It's making sure that it's not just the policy conversation that happening, but it's that the real people who are being harmed and affected by the laws and the rules in Russia are being told."

Throughout the 2014 Winter Olympics, GLAAD is working with international LGBT organizations, athletes and LGBT Russians to secure media coverage for the stories of LGBT Russians, their families and the harms facing them in Russia. GLAAD has also released GLAAD Global Voices: 2014 Sochi Olympics Playbook, a resource guide for journalists covering the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. For more information, visit