Mom and son in Chile part of video with great message of family acceptance

In a new video from Chile, a young man named Nestor and his mom tell their story to urge viewers to respect diverse families. The video is part of an ad campaign launched by AccionGay, a Chilean activist organization. In the video, the mom says she seeks to put a stop to the discrimination and the violence aimed at her gay son and his partner. The mom discusses her journey toward family acceptance, which included moments of doubt and struggle. Eventually, as it has for many families around the world, love won out.

AccionGay has coordinated a space for family members to support their LGBT relatives and also advocate for more inclusive rights for LGBT people. The organization has committed to produce three videos a year related to their various campaigns in support of LGBT issues. This particular effort was funded partially through the Secretary General's Government Ministry Media Fund.

A report by the International Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans and Intersex Association shows the patchwork of protections in place in some countries and municipalities in Latin America and the Caribbean matching the patchwork that is in place in the United States where the millions of migrants from those countries live.