Model Geena Rocero and Logo launch a web series spotlighting transgender youth

UPDATE: The first episode aired this past Wednesday,October 28, 2015. You can watch it here. 

This week Logo announced a new web series spotlighting transgender youth which will premiere Wednesday October 28th on and Logo's YouTube channel. The video series, "Beautiful As I Want To Be" will be hosted by Geena Rocero, trans rmodel, Covergirl, and founder of Gender Proud. As she explains in the promo: "As a fashion model, I have always used photography to creatively express myself. We worked with trans youth and asked them the question 'What does it mean to be beautiful as you want to be?' and captured it in film."

The project aims to highlight the experiences of transgender youth and empower them. In each episode, a trans young person shares their backstory, their journey to their authentic identity, and their dreams for the future. They are then paired with a mentor/coach who readies them for a photo shoot, and provides not only creative direction, but life advice. Through hair, make-up and wardrobe, the young person will be transformed into their ultimate expression of authentic beauty. "Young people should be allowed to freely express who they are without judgement, and instead be loved and supported," said Rocero.

Logo, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, has a history of transgender media images including the series TransGeneration and the reality show Transamerican Love Story, which received the GLAAD Media Award in 2009. Earlier this year, Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word, Logo’s documentary about transgender youth, received a GLAAD Media Award nomination and the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class Special.

“Beautiful As I Want To Be” is directed by Raul Gasteazoro and executive produced by Allie Hoffman and Geena Rocero. Jonathan Mallow and Sarah DeFilippis serve as Executive Producers for Logo.

Watch the teaser promo for "Beautiful as I Want to Be" here: