Mj Rodriguez, Shea Diamond, Marquise Vilson, Mila Jam, and other trans community members send message of hope in response to COVID-19 and nationwide protests in new video, created by Daniella Carter

June 29, 2020

Content creator Daniella Carter partnered with GLAAD to debut a new video for Pride Month spotlighting members of the transgender community. Carter created the video to reach trans people during the current global pandemic, especially those who experienced rejection or abandonment.

Her video features messages from more than forty trans and non-binary individuals including Mj Rodriguez (Pose), singer Shea Diamond, Marquise Vilson (Netflix’s Disclosure, Law & Order: SVU), singer Mila Jam, Model Rori Grenert, Mr. Trans New York USA 2020 Jevon Martin and The GenderCool Project Champions. The video also includes footage of #BlackLivesMatter protests and anti-trans laws that moved forward during COVID-19. Carter, a Black trans woman, serves as Executive Producer and script contributor.

Watch the video below:

Trans community members in the video state: “This moment has affected us all. Some of us are fortunate to have people around us. Some of us are not. But none of us are truly alone. We are members of a family unlike any other. Proud. Diverse. Loving. Resilient. Strong. Our struggles may have set us apart. But we have always risen above. And this time is no different.”

“I’m very blessed in life now, but that wasn’t always the case for me,” said Carter. “I wanted to bring together a diverse spectrum of transgender people to send a message of encouragement to those who may feel forgotten in an isolated time like this. Still today, the visibility of non-binary people and transmasculine people is dangerously low and trans femmes often are pressured to look and act certain ways. We can send a loud message of resiliency and community by galvanizing multicultural trans voices at a time when trans rights are under attack and as the world is finally starting to embrace the fact that #TransLivesMatter.” 

This past weekend, the video was featured in The New York Times feature story “Black Trans Women Seek More Space in the Movement They Helped Start.” It also played during Outfest and Film Independent’s inaugural United in Pride digital film festival following the acclaimed documentary “Pier Kids.”

Daniella Carter is a content creator and advocate for LGBTQ youth who works to create community and representation for people who are often overlooked. Her videos and other projects create access points that encourage self-reflection and build bridges to foster acceptance. She worked with her mentor, Laverne Cox, and was featured in the Emmy award-winning MTV & Logo TV documentary "Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word.” She spoke at TED Talks Live and also delivered talks during TEDxABQ and TEDxMidAtlantic. Carter appeared in a Puma campaign alongside Cara Delevingne. She has shared her experience with youth homelessness at the Human Rights Campaign’s "Time to Thrive Conference.” She was recognized on the 2015 Trans 100 list and attended the Obama White House's Annual Emerging Leaders Day, highlighting 100 Black leaders. Carter has appeared on MSNBC, The View, and in outlets including New York Daily News, People, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

Daniella Carter serves as the Executive Producer on the video. Producers include Shan Shan Tam and Luchina Fisher, who also contributed to the script. The video was produced and directed by Emmy Award-winner Eric Miclette and edited by Miclette and SpecialGuest.co. Seth Ricart and Vaneeda Keowmang worked on color and audio. The video features “In the Water” performed by Azusena.

“Whether telling her own story or spotlighting the stories of others, Daniella is a dedicated and gifted creator who advances awareness and acceptance of transgender people,” said Rich Ferraro, Chief Communications Officer from GLAAD. “Her latest video captures the real meaning of Pride by sending an undeniable message of hope and community to transgender people around the world.”