MJ Rodriguez, Javier Munoz, Rachel Brosnahan, Regina King and GLAAD Want You to Register to Vote!

It’s National Voter Registration Day, and as we approach the midterms, GLAAD is encouraging LGBTQ people and allies to show up for this crucial election. Even if you live in a supposedly blue state, it’s still tremendously important to show up for the midterms, which can have an impact on policies and legislation that will affect you far more than any presidential election. During midterm elections, you have the opportunity to choose who represents you and your values. Register to vote today. Don’t miss your chance!


It’s particularly important for transgender people to register to vote this year. As many as 78,000 transgender Americans could face difficulties at the polls because of strict ID requirements—which is all the more reason to show up and make your voice heard, and demand better accessibility for transgender and gender-nonconforming people.

LGBTQ people and allies must show up for these elections. Because there aren’t federal protections around sexual orientation and gender identity, protections are decided at the local level—which means they’re decided by who gets elected this November, by voters like you!

Join MJ Rodriguez, Javier Munoz, Rachel Brosnahan, Regina King, and more. Watch their videos about the importance of registering to vote, and if you haven’t, register today and tell a friend.

Register to vote with GLAAD Amp Your Voice, before it’s too late!

Don’t miss your chance to vote your values and help create an America with nothing less but full acceptance.