Missouri Rep. Kevin Elmer is offended by high school's Gay-Straight Alliance t-shirts

Missouri state Rep. Kevin Elmer took a photograph of a Nixa High School student wearing a t-shirt supporting the school's Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA). He then tweeted the photo with the caption "Nixa Schools failure. HS students working elementary school book fair in gay t-shirts". As bad as that sounds, it gets worse. He tweeted the photo on Spirit Day.

He tweeted the photo on October 17, which is Spirit Day, a three-year-old holiday dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ folks and ending homophobic abuse and bullying. A.J. Bockelman, executive director at PROMO Missouri, says Elmer's tweet is bullying. "He's trying to call out an entire class of students who are gay or lesbian, or perceived to be or support gay or lesbian students, and trying to put them on trial for being supportive in their school."

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