Mississippi businesses take a stand against new anti-LGBT Religious Freedom Act

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed The Religious Freedom Act, the dangerous law allowing LGBT discrimination, on April 3. Mississippi businesses are now standing on the side of equality by displaying signs in their windows reading, “We Don’t Discriminate. If you’re buying, we’re selling” in opposition to the state’s new anti-LGBT law. The signs are being furnished by Equality Mississippi.

The Clarion Ledger reported:

Eddie Outlaw, who owns William Wallace Salon and Fondren Barber Shop, was part of the creative team behind If You're Buying, with Mitchell Moore, who owns Campbell's Bakery in Fondren. "A lot of us were trying to counter the negative stuff from outside Mississippi," Outlaw said, referring to the national coverage 2681 got while it circulated the Capitol. "We wanted to let people know – not just the LGBT community but the progressive community as a whole – that this doesn't represent everybody here."

Social justice and LGBT advocacy group Equality Mississippi is producing the displays. "We've got 500 printed already, and we'll make more when we need them," said Joce Pritchett. "A lot of the interest derives from the Facebook page" that has garnered more than 1,000 likes in a week, she said.

Mississippi businesses know discriminatory laws are bad for business and they are sending a very clear message to Gov. Bryant that his law is bad for  Mississippi as a whole.

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