Minnesota News Honors Lesbian Mom

Each week, Minnesota CBS affiliate WCCO This Morning recognizes “a hard-working, dedicated parent who loves doing what they do.” Last week’s winner was Tara, a mom who not only cares for her own children but also runs a children’s crisis hotline from home. Tara just happens to be one of two moms in the household, and her partner, Becky, works as a microbiologist.

Not only is WCCO honoring the hard working family and providing them with a ‘date night,’ but this story also highlights the diversity of Minnesotan families and what goes into being great parents.

WCCO does an exceptional job in this segment of featuring Tara and Becky as they would any other couple, which goes a long way toward breaking down barriers and allowing everyday Minnesotans to find common ground with the hard working parents; keeping down costs, caring for their children, and being there for each other.

Watch the segment here:

GLAAD applauds WCCO for amplifying the stories of families with gay and lesbian parents like Tara and Becky. Fair, accurate, and inclusive news coverage like this helps build a broader understanding of the lives of LGBT people and is part of the important work to change hearts and minds for full LGBT equality.