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Transgender Voters Gain Visibility in Politics

October 10, 2008
During this historic election cycle, transgender voters, an often-overlooked voting bloc, have capitalized on the power of communication and networking via the Internet.Read More

October 7, 2008

Murder of Transgender Woman Goes Unmarked in Media

Whether it was writing poetry or organizing in her community, Nakhia Williams was an active and vocal member of her hometown of Louisville KY.Read More

September 24, 2008

Federal Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Sheds Light on Transgender Job Bias

Last Friday was a landmark day for transgender people across the US. In a historic first, the US District Court ruled that a transgender woman had been discriminated against when an employer rescinded a job offer upon learning of her transition. Read More

September 17, 2008

Trans Visibility on Top Model Already Changing Perceptions

With the news that transgender model Isis Tsunami would be among the fourteen contestants vying for the position of America’s Next Top Model, many fans of the show were unsure how to take the news.Read More
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