Middle School play dealing with bullying and acceptance to be performed in New Jersey

Robt Seda-Schreiber, a middle school teacher in East Windsor, New Jersey, and his students are performing a one-act play dealing with bullying and acceptance of diversity.

Seba-Schreiber runs the GSA chapter of this middle school and was named the NJEA "Champion of Equality for the entire state."

The play that he wrote is called "Break My Bones." It involves a boy in middle school who is bullied and comes out to his best friend. Seba-Schreiber hopes that it will be a realistic account of many ordeals faced by many young students. He believes that this show is an important reminder of our own inner strength and the power of friendship in the face of adversity.

The performance will be Thursday, April 24, at 7:00 pm in the Kreps Middle School theater.