Michigan Family Addresses Mayor's Use of Anti-Gay Slur

Last week, Mayor Janice Daniels of Troy, Michigan, was publicly admonished at a City Council meeting for her use of an anti-gay slur on her Facebook account.  It was recently uncovered that Mayor Daniels wrote a Facebook status update in June using the word “que*rs” to refer to lesbian and gay people, and saying that she would be throwing away her ‘I Love New York’ carrying bag now that marriage equality has passed in New York state. Widespread upset over Mayor Daniels’ comment has since ensued, with many residents calling for her resignation. At the latest City Council meeting, 80 people lined up during the public comment portion to address Mayor Daniels directly and highlight the issues with her inappropriate statement.

Particularly moving were the comments from Troy resident, Amy, who approached the Council with her wife, Tina, and their two children. Amy spoke about the love in her own family, and the values that she and Tina have instilled in their daughters, saying, “We talk every day about different families, and different types of people, and teaching respect and kindness. And that is the heart that beats in our home – it’s about being kind, about choosing love over everything.” She encouraged Mayor Daniels to see this situation as an opportunity to step up in support of all Michigan residents, including lesbian and gay people.

GLAAD encourages Michigan’s LGBT residents to share their stories and remind elected officials of the damaging messages that anti-gay slurs send to individuals and families.