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Time cover story highlights evolving gender identities

New issue draws upon GLAAD's work to explore the evolution of gender and sexual identity in younger generations

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Rally with GLAAD against hate and discrimination in #MyMississippi December 11th

In light of the recent US election, it is imperative that we come together in order to rally for LGBTQ rights now, with a rally against HB1523 taking place on December 11th.Read More

Pre-orders begin today for out country star Ty Herndon's new album 'House On Fire'

Grammy Award nominated country star Ty Herndon is back with his much anticipated first release since coming out as gay. You can pre-order it beginninng today.

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Notable bi+ and transgender leaders to know about this #BiWeek

GLAAD takes a look at a few influential bi+ advocates accelerating acceptance today.

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GLAAD celebrates third annual #BiWeek

GLAAD and BiNet USA's third annual #BiWeek will run from September 19 until September 26, with the official "Celebrate Bisexuality Day" on September 23.

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SIGN PETITION: South Carolinian trans advocate calls to meet with sponsor of anti-trans bill

Blair Durkee, a transgender advocate, is calling on Senator Bright, the sponsor of S 1203 in South Carolina, to meet with her and others.Read More

Petition calls for ACC baseball tournament to be moved from North Carolina

North Carolina's HB-2 has been actively opposed by businesses, performers, advocates, and organizations because of its discriminatory nature. Read More

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