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Sharing your story works: Scots support their trans and nonbinary fellow citizens

A significant majority of people who responded to an official Scottish Government poll support a proposal to allow people to legally self-determine their gender.

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Equal Future wants your story about LGBTQ equality for the Synod on Young People

The Equal Future campaign is an international humanitarian campaign seeking to raise awareness about damage done to children around the globe as a result of negative viewpoints on the LGBTQ community, and is seeking to use the upcoming Synod on Young People as a platform to accomplish this.

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#FiveFilms4Freedom festival highlights global LGBTQ short films in DC and NYC

The first and largest LGBTQ digital film festival will be hosted in New York City on November 16, 2017.

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LGBTQ organizations across the U.S. South go purple for #SpiritDay

LGBTQ advocacy organizations throughout the U.S. South joined GLAAD by going purple for #SpiritDay this year.

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iHeartMedia turned it up for LGBTQ youth on #SpiritDay

For the fifth consecutive year, iHeartMedia has gone purple for #SpiritDay, featuring PSAs from Halsey, Elvis Duran, and Lady Gaga.

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Time cover story highlights evolving gender identities

New issue draws upon GLAAD's work to explore the evolution of gender and sexual identity in younger generations

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Rally with GLAAD against hate and discrimination in #MyMississippi December 11th

In light of the recent US election, it is imperative that we come together in order to rally for LGBTQ rights now, with a rally against HB1523 taking place on December 11th.Read More
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