Mexican rock band Molotov to remove anti-gay slur from track, speak out against anti-LGBT violence during national tour

Popular Mexican rock band Molotov's has decided to remove the anti-gay slur "maricón" from its 1997 song "Puto" during this summer's Jägermeister Music Tour. The song "Puto" included the lyrics "matarile al maricón" which can be translated as "kill the faggot." The title "Puto" is a slang word which has been interpreted as "faggot." Band members have commented in the past the song is meant as an anti-establishment call to stand up for oneself and that the word "puto" is, for the band, defined as "coward." Molotov has won four Latin Grammy Awards and the band's albums have seen gold and platinum sales in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, Chile and the United States.

Along with removing "maricón," from the "matarile al maricón" lyric, the band will introduce the song during the tour with a message of support for LGBT people. The band will be donating some of the tour's proceeds to LGBT organizations and to help Esteban Navarro, the young victim of a recent anti-gay attack in Chile, which required Navarro's leg to be amputated. His attackers repeatedly used the word "maricón."

Molotov's statement on the band's Facebook page said, in part, "We are saddened by the recent attack on Esteban Navarro in Chile. This was an act of discrimination and hatred which cannot be tolerated and no one should be a target of violence because they are LGBT.  As an act of solidarity with Esteban Navarro and the LGBT community, we are choosing to refrain from using the word 'maricón' in our song lyrics during our upcoming U.S. tour.  This word was used by Esteban's assailants in this pointless attack, and therefore, has no place in our set.

We celebrate everyone's freedom of expression, equality and the freedom to love whomever they choose … We plan to speak out about all forms of prejudice at our upcoming concerts, as well as, conduct a media tour in the United States and Latin America to share our sentiments."

"Eliminating the word 'maricón' is a good first step, and we hope the band continues to leave such hateful sentiments out of the song when it is performed in the United States, Latin America, or anywhere" said Dave Montez, GLAAD Acting President. "The song still contains the harmful slur 'puto' and while the band claims its intent is to use the word as synonymous with 'coward,' it shouldn't be. Every time a young person hears that word as an insult or a slur, it hurts them. "

"It's important for Molotov and anyone who is an LGBT ally to stop using anti-gay language at a time when LGBT people of color face rising rates of discrimination and violence," GLAAD spokesperson Wilson Cruz. "The band has a real opportunity to have a conversation with fans – not only about language choice - but about fomenting anti-LGBT attitudes and hate which can cause serious harm to LGBT people."