Mexican business airs TV ad with two moms, many say a first for the country

Segundamano Mexico an online secondhand store in Mexico aired a television ad with two moms. In the ad the women, holding their two young kids sorrounded by toys and furniture, say "It was the two of us, and then we thought why not be more? So now we are four." An off camera voice asks them what they bought on the site and they answer beds for the children, dressers for the children, etc. The ad ends by encouraging others to follow their example and get things they need for their families on the site.

The couple in the ad were married in Spain but live in Mexico which, like the US, is a patchwork when it comes to recognizing familias diversas.

Antonio Medina, a Mexican journalist, will be writing about the significance of the ad in Proceso Magazine, a weekly news magazine with a wide readership.