Media Round-up of GLSEN's Day of Silence

To commemorate the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s (GLSEN) Day of Silence, which took place on Friday, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth and allies worked to raise awareness about anti-LGBT bullying in schools by not speaking. While students stayed silent throughout the day, many utilized social media to spread the day’s message of acceptance through Twitter, Facebook, and blog posts. Individuals expressed their own reasons for participating and offered words of encouragement and support to fellow students through Tweets like,  “Think about the voices you ARE NOT hearing today,” and, “On April 20, I will be silent for #DayOfSilence because not only do I believe in the cause I’ve had to live the cause.” Organizations and prominent individuals within the LGBT community also shared the message of Day of Silence on Twitter. You can see some of their Tweets below:

In addition to social media, the Day of Silence was also covered on LGBT blogs and the mainstream media. The Huffington Post Gay Voices section featured several articles on the Day of Silence, including another round-up of the day’s notable Tweets. Towleroad shared videos from GLSEN organizers for the Day of Silence and MSNBC reporter Thomas Roberts. highlighted young LGBT athletes as part of their coverage. The Miami Herald ran an article explaining the Day of Silence and seeking comments from students participating in the day, as well as members of GLSEN. The Daily Camera of Boulder, Colorado, highlighted the Day of Silence with a video featuring a local middle school. In the accompanying article, a sixth grader at the middle school, Nicolena Weber, shared a message for those who are bullied into silence, explaining, "I want people who can't speak for themselves to know that I care and that I will help them and will understand."

GLAAD thanks everyone who participated in the Day of Silence and encourages the media to continue covering this important day that unites LGBT youth and allies in the effort to end bullying.