Media outlets using inaccurate name and misgendering murdered Baltimore trans woman, Mia Henderson

A transgender woman of color, Mia Henderson, was found dead Wednesday morning in an alley in northwest Baltimore. According to the Associated Press, police have not named any suspects or established a motive at this time. Another trans woman of color, Kandy Hall, was found murdered in Baltimore last month.

Local and national media coverage of Henderson's murder has focused on her relation to her brother, NBA star Reggie Bullock of the Los Angeles Clippers. It is important that outlets correctly identify Henderson as Bullock's sister, and that her old name not be used. She should also be consistently referred to with female pronouns (she/her).

GLAAD's resource for reporting on transgender victims of crime notes that often friends and family of the victim may not have been aware that they were transgender, or of their preferred name and pronouns. Reporters and journalists should always describe a transgender person consistently with how they identified. 

GLAAD is reaching out to local and national media, and will continue monitoring coverage of this story. If you see defamatory coverage of this story, please report it to GLAAD.