Media outlets continue to speculate about Bruce Jenner's gender identity

January 14, 2015

Update 6/1/2015: Read GLAAD's updated tip sheet for journalists reporting on Caitlyn Jenner.

Today, In Touch Weekly ran a cover story based entirely on speculation about former Olympic athlete and reality TV star Bruce Jenner's gender identity. The article relies on a so-called "insider" for information, without any confirmation of details from Jenner. An allegedly altered image of Jenner's face also appears on the cover of the tabloid. In Touch is not the first media outlet to make unsubstantiated claims and comments about Jenner's gender identity.

"This nonsense has to end," said GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. "Speculating about a person’s gender identity only inflames the invasive and gross scrutiny that transgender people face every day at school, at work, or even when just walking down the street. It’s long past time that media outlets stop gossiping about Bruce Jenner’s gender."