Maya & Rick get married on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

Rick and Maya are getting married this week! CBS' The Bold & the Beautiful is continuing their storyline about Maya Avant, a transgender woman and fashion model, and her romance with Rick Forrester, the head of Forrester Creations. Back in March, viewers learned that Maya, an established character on the show since 2013, was a transgender woman. Maya later disclosed that she is a transgender woman to her boyfriend Rick, at the exact same time that a sleezy tabloid owner outed her as trans to the entire world.

After she was outed publicly against her will, Maya's parents came to LA to rescue her younger sister Nicole from Maya's influence. Maya had been estranged from her parents since she was a teenager because they could not accept the fact that she was trans. Through getting to know her daughter, Maya's mother Vivienne has become more accepting, but Maya's conservative father Julius is not so open. Julius initially appeared to be accepting of Maya, however it was later revealed that he was still ashamed of his child, and only pretending to accept her to have access to the Forrester fortune.

Last month, Rick proposed to Maya during a fashion show featuring trans models Carmen Carrera and Isis King. Everyone was thrilled for the happy couple, except Julius who worried about the humiliation of having his first born walk down the aisle as a bride.

Maya and Rick's love story will continue this week on Thursday and Friday, as wedding prep begins at the Forrester Mansion and Maya learns of Julius' true feelings. And then tune in next week for the big wedding day! The Bold and the Beautiful is the first show in television history to include a story with a transgender character getting married.

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The Bold and the Beautiful premiered in 1987 on CBS and has won 73 Daytime Emmy Awards, including three wins for Outstanding Drama Series. The show airs on over 100 countries and reaches 35 million people daily around the world. (Photos courtesy of JPI Photos, Inc.)