#May17Because bisexuality is not a choice.

There are over 9 million LGBT people in the United States and more than half identify as bisexual. Only 28% of bisexuals say that all the important people in their life know they are bisexual, compared to 77% of gay men and 71% of lesbians. From the “one time in college” cliché, to an overly-sexualized version of bisexual experiences, bisexual Americans experience significant health, safety, and economic disparities. Portrayed over and over again as indecisive, in turmoil, or attention seeking, bisexual people need your support. GLAAD interviewed bisexual people about what makes a good ally to the bi community at the iconic Stonewall Inn.

So speak up and be an ally. You can learn about the bi community, bi erasure, notable bi figures, and find resources for media at glaad.org/biweek2014 and more at bisexualweek.com.

In only 9 days thousands of advocates and LGBT allies form around the world will celebrate the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia in an attempt to draw the attention to the violence and discrimination experienced by LGBT people internationally. As part of GLAAD's Global Voices program, which works to accelerate LGBT acceptance across the globe, GLAAD will participate and celebrate IDAHOT together with thousands of diverse groups and individuals. As IDAHOT 2015 approaches, we give you 17 reasons, one every day, why May 17 matters. We invite you to create and share your own, via the hashtag #May17Because and amplify the voice for LGBT equality.

#May17Because Rule #9: Bisexuality is not a choice. Biphobia is.