Massachusetts strengthens anti-bullying bill

Massachusetts governor, Deval Patrick, signed a bill that will strengthen the 2010 anti-bullying law protecting LGBT students.

Patrick says that the new law is "an important step toward ensuring that all young people are able to learn and thrive" in schools, reports the Boston Herald.

The bill was signed this Thursday. This law also creates new reporting measures for schools and recognizes certain populations as more vulnerable to bullying.

According to Towleroad GLSEN applauded the law:

“As the 17th state to pass inclusive anti-bullying legislation, Massachusetts is sending an impactful message to its LGBT youth,” said Dr. Eliza Byard, GLSEN’s Executive Director. “LGBT students in Massachusetts can feel confident their educators are committed to providing them with the safe and inclusive school environments they deserve. GLSEN looks forward to the day when every student in every school in the country can feel just as supported.

Minnesota was the most recent state to pass an anti-bullying bill into law.