Masha Gessen fighting for LGBT rights in Russia on the international stage

Masha Gessen, an openly lesbian Russian-American reporter, is taking a strong role on the international stage, discussing the anti-LGBT legislation and accompanying violence in Russia.

Masha Gessen is the founder of The Pink Triangle Campaign, the author of The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putinas well as a contributing writer to The New Republic, New Statesman, Granta, Slate, Vanity Fair, and US News & World Report.

Gessen appeared on MSNBC on Thursday to discuss the history of LGBT issues in her native Russia and the current atrocities LGBT people are facing daily.

Gessen will be appearing in New York to speak at the CBST Shabbat services tonight at 7 p.m. Tonight's (and this week's) services will focus on the homophobia issues plauging Russia. The event, organized by Rusa LGBT, asks you to "Come early and bring your friends, straight or LGBT, Jew and non-Jew for memorable experience during the services and the schmooze right after the services. Services start at 7 PM and schmooze will start at about 8:30 - 8:45 PM." The event is located at 296 9th Ave. at W 28th St.

GLAAD has been working closely with Rusa LGBT, an organization that works to support LGBT Russians, are collaborating with multiple organizations to address the ongoing persecution of LGBT Russians, who are facing extreme violence and oppression due to the recent passage of the country's draconian 'anti-gay propaganda' law.