Marvel's 'All-New X-Men #13' introduces new romance for Iceman

The newest issue of Marvel's All-New X-Men is out today and introduces a new romantic interest for Iceman (Bobby Drake). The series centers on the five original X-Men who are pulled from the past to the present where they confront their future selves in an attempt to change their futures and fix what has gone wrong between then and now. Last April's All-New X-Man #40 kicked off Bobby's story as telepath Jean Grey tells him that no one on the team cares if he's gay, and November's Uncanny X-Men #600 saw younger Iceman coming out to his older self who was still not out of the closet.

Today's release, All-New X-Men #13, includes the younger Iceman's first trip to a gay bar where he is hoping to hone his flirting skills and find a boyfriend. Check out a sneak peek below as Bobby and his friends Oya and Genesis prepare for a night out and then pick up the full issue to see what happens next. All-New X-Men #13 is available now on Marvel's digital comics store.