Marriage Equality USA launches The Campaign for 20 Million More

Marriage Equality USA (MEUSA) has launched a new project called the Campaign for 20 Million More.

The purpose of the Campaign is to support efforts in Washington, Maryland, and Maine to become states with marriage equality, and efforts in Minnesota to prevent a constitutional amendment that would ban marriage for same-sex couples. The Campaign seeks to educate people about marriage equality and to build local coalitions of groups and individual volunteers in those four states, whose work for marriage equality could affect 20 million Americans this fall.

MEUSA will staff local phone banks and have weekend canvassing trips in nearby states as part of The Campaign for 20 Million More. Supporters can get involved by volunteering at a local phone bank, or by joining a group for a weekend of canvassing in one of the target states. Visit the Campaign’s website for information about getting involved, details about volunteering opportunities, a list of organizations that have joined MFEUSA in this campaign, news and updates about the project, and more.