Is Marriage Equality too Equal for Jews? GLAAD's LGBT Religion News Summary

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Members of the Roman Catholic hierarchy have spoken in opposition to marriage equality in Washington, San Francisco, Chicago, Maryland, Minnesota, and New Jersey. Once priest even a rapped in a video promoting so-called ‘ex-gay’ programs. Even the Pope said in France that marriage equality ‘threatens society’. However, Lady Gaga reminds us that the Pope doesn’t speak for all Catholics on the matter of LGBT equality. And atheists in Missouri are taking their own billboard to respond.

African-American clergy are organizing in Maryland to promote marriage equality in that state. However, Conservative Jews are concerned that gay and lesbian marriages might be more equal than straight ones.

Matthew Vines continues to appear in the media, with interviews on the BBC Newshour and the Christian Post. His YouTube video is nearing 400,000 views. Joel Osteen, the prominent evangelical pastor, doesn’t want to talk about LGBT people, but continues to tell audiences that being gay is ‘not God’s best’.

A reminder that Spirit Day is fast approaching. Please take the Spirit Day pledge to go purple on October 19. Faith organizations and congregations can participate in Spirit Day. This week, Advent Lutheran Church in New York City is preparing for Spirit Day by dedicating their mid-week service to anti-bullying.

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