Marriage equality, Exodus closes, and a gay Orthodox Jew gets a tattoo: This week's LGBT Religion News Summary

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This week, progress is made as the Supreme Court rules DOMA unconstitutional, and strikes down Prop 8 in California. Washington National Cathedral holds special prayer service for LGBT families in celebration of SCOTUS decisions, and faith leaders are overjoyed.

Landmark decision by the Supreme Court strikes down DOMA and returns marriage equality to California

Exodus International, the infamous ‘ex-gay’ Christian organization announced that it would be shutting down after a public apology for the hurt it has caused over the years. View The Naming Project co-founder Jay Wiesner’s open letter to Alan Chambers, calling him to action to not only apologize for the hurt, but help fix what has been done.

Closing Time: Exodus International announces it is closing down

The Catholic hierarchy has always been vocally anti-gay, but every day people feel as though the Catholic Church is experiencing a split reality. One former Catholic university student explores the present-day environment at varying Catholic schools and universities in an attempt to understand what it’s like to be gay at a Catholic university in 2013, and the Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans apologizes for the lack of sympathy in the tragic Upstairs Lounge fire of 1973.

GLAAD's Ross Murray writes about the relationship between LGBT pepole and faith

A gay Jewish man explains how he reconciled being gay with his Jewish upbringing by getting a tattoo, and Kenya’s first openly gay artist released a Christian gospel song. Meanwhile, gay Muslims continue to struggle with sexual discrimination and dealing with the frustrating and sometimes intrusive process of seeking sexual asylum.

Being gay at a Catholic university
Religion & Politics, 6/18/13
Pennsylvania, USA: Catholic Church Survey Finds many Leaving the Church Over Anti Gay Stance
Gayapolis, 6/19/13
Catholic Church Rules Gay Men Can Get Married -- to Lesbians
Jezebel, 6/19/13
Freedom Through the Eyes of Bishops and Filmmakers
RD Magazine, 6/19/13
Catholic Church Unfriendly to LGBT People? No, Living a Split Reality
Huffington Post, 6/17/13
Catholic Church apologizes for lack of sympathy over New Orleans gay bar fire that killed 32
Gay Star News, 6/23/13

Yes, you can be gay and Christian
Washington Post, 6/19/13
“Ex-gay” Christian group to LGBT people: We’re sorry
Salon, 6/19/13
Tenn. Professor Requires Students to Support Gay Rights, Calls View of Those Opposed to Assignment 'Ignorant'
Christian Post, 6/19/13
Can Christianity and Gay Marriage Coexist in America?
The Philly Post, 6/19/13
Exodus International, criticized for ‘reparative therapies’ for gay Christians, to shut down
Washington Post, 6/20/13
An open letter to Alan Chambers
Washington Post, 6/21/13
For One Gay Christian, a Search for Understanding While Hanging on to Faith
PBS, 6/21/13
Kenya's First Openly Homosexual Artist Releases A Christian Gospel Song
Ghafla, 6/22/13
Christians' views vary on gay marriage
Post Gazette, 6/23/13

The LGBT Gap, by religion
Religion News Service, 6/18/13

I’m 6’3”. I’m a Jew. And I’m a Lesbo.
Heeb Magazine, 6/18/13
Eshel to sponsor retreat for LGBT Orthodox Jews in Midwest
Windy City Media Group, 6/18/13
Gender and the Syntax of Being: Joy Ladin on Identity and Transition
On Being, 6/20/13What if I told you that I was gay?
The Jewish Chronicle, 6/21/13
I Reconciled My Gay Identity With My Orthodox Upbringing—Through a Tattoo
Tablet, 6/24/13
For LGBT Orthodox Jews, Growth of Social Media Creates a Safe Space Online
Tablet, 6/26/13

ELCA's first gay bishop barely newsworthy, 6/21/13

From Voting Rights Act to Today's DOMA Repeal—LGBT Orgs Are Missing the Rainbow
RD Magazine, 6/26/13
Orthodox Union Statement on Supreme Court Ruling
Orthodox Union, 6/26/13
Movement for Justice: Changing the Story
Huffington Post, 6/26/13
ReconcilingWorks Rejoices at Supreme Court Decisions on Same-Gender Marriage
ReconcilingWorks, 6/26/13
After Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage, next steps for Catholics
Washington Post, 6/26/13
Mormons Absorb SCOTUS Prop 8 Ruling
RD Magazine, 6/26/13
Religious leaders see tragedy and justice in Supreme Court gay marriage decisions
Washington Post, 6/26/13
Mormon Church “Remains Irrevocably Committed To Strengthening Traditional Marriage Between A Man And A Woman”
Queerty, 6/26/13
UCC leaders celebrate marriage equality’s return to California, 6/26/13
`Jesus wept' or tears of joy? Faithful react to gay marriage rulings
CNN, 6/26/13
Washington National Cathedral to hold special prayer service for LGBT families
GLAAD, 6/26/13

Youth director at University United Methodist Church barred from ordination because of sexuality
The Daily Texan, 6/20/13

Metropolitan Community Church
‘Gay Lobby’ in the Vatican - Really?
Huffington Post, 6/19/13

Mormon Mom Who Supported Proposition 8 Later Discovered Her Son is Gay: VIDEO
Towleroad, 6/21/13

Gay, Muslim, and seeking asylum
The Daily Beast, 6/19/13
South African Gay Muslim Cleric: Open About Your Sexuality To Have An Authentic Life, 6/20/13
D.C. imam provides counseling, weddings and prayer space for gay Muslims
Religion News Service, 6/20/13

Moldova Orthodox Church Bans Govt. Leaders from Communion Over Gay Rights, Wants Laws Repealed  
Towleroad, 6/21/13

United Church of Christ
Gay pride ribbon assignment leads to fight over religion
The Tennessean, 6/19/13