Marriage equality begins today in Miami-Dade County, tomorrow for the rest of Florida

Today, a Florida state court judge ended a stay on her previous ruling that found Florida's ban on marriage equality to be unconstitutional, allowing for same-sex couples in Miami-Dade County to marry. The judge lifted the stay in a hearing this morning after the National Center for Lesbian Rights filed a motion on behalf of two plaintiff couples. The Equality Florida Institute also urged the court to end the stay and allow for marriages of same-sex couples in Miami-Dade. 

Marriage equality is expected to come to the rest of Florida at midnight after the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to grant an extended stay of a District Court ruling that overturned the state's anti-gay marriage ban. The original stay is scheduled to expire at the end of today, at which point, federal district court Judge Robert L. Hinkle clarified in December, clerks in all Florida counties must issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

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