Make a statement this #SpiritDay with the It Gets Better Project

If you've been putting off your It Gets Better video debut, there is no day like today-- Spirit Day!-- to share your story. The It Gets Better Project is encouraging people all over to post an It Gets Better video to their social media accounts, and tag them with #spiritday.  Making an It Gets Better video is one of multiple ways you can take action to show your support for LGBT youth and stop bullying.

The It Gets Better Project and Spirit Day go way back.  Both were founded in the fall of 2010, largely in response to a series of highly publicized LGBT youth suicides.  If you're unfamiliar with the Project, It Gets Better encourages public figures and private citizens alike to share their stories of perseverance in short videos to inspire hope for young people facing bullying and harassment.  Since its founding, The It Gets Better Project has garnered over 50,000 user-created videos viewed more than 50 million times.

So don't fret about making a perfect video!  Showing your support for bullied and LGBT youth, whether by sharing your story on camera or wearing purple, is simple—and it can save lives

Are you wearing your Spirit Day purple?

Going purple is easy:

  1. Wear something purple today - whether it's a purple scarf, purple tie, or an entirely purple outfit, you'll be taking a stand 
    against bullying!
  2. Head over to to turn your Facebook and Twitter profile pics purple right now to show LGBT youth you support them.
  3. Share your photos with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Google+ with the hashtag #SpiritDay - some may even be featured on theSpirit Day website.

With your help, young people everywhere will be able to walk into school or turn on TV and see a sea of purple. They'll see that the world has their back, and that it's okay to be who you are.