Major League Baseball supports LGBTQ youth in a big way and the New York Yankees welcome GLAAD Campus Ambassadors to Aaron Judge’s Chambers for Spirit Day

October 18, 2019

Major League Baseball went above and beyond for this year’s Spirit Day to show support for LGBTQ youth!

Millions of baseball fans from around the globe saw their favorite teams go purple in honor of Spirit Day. All thirty league teams, including the Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers, New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals, and more took to social media to spread a message of support for LGBTQ youth by going purple and calling out bullying. 

LGBTQ fans and allies were also able to see support from MLB Network and FOX Sports hosts, as Spirit Day was prominently featured in playoff coverage and broadcasts throughout the week. 

During last night’s ALCS Game 4 New York Yankees vs. Houston Astros, FOX and MLB Network commentator Ken Rosenthal showed off his support by wearing a purple bowtie for FOX’s “Ken Rosenthal’s Bowtie for a Cause.” 

As part of their support of Spirit Day and GLAAD, the Yankees invited members of GLAAD staff and Campus Ambassador Program to watch Game 4 from the ‘Judge’s Chambers.’ The ‘Judge’s Chambers’ are a special section in right field, dedicated to Yankees star Aaron Judge. GLAAD staff and youth, alongside MLB Network’s Brian Kenny, watched the game and celebrated Spirit Day by wearing purple -- and the official Yankees judges robes, of course.

MLB’s Spirit Day actions are part of their year round ‘Shred Hate’ anti-bullying initiative. ‘Shred Hate’ is a bullying prevention initiative created by ESPN, supported by Major League Baseball and X Games, that seeks to eliminate bullying by encouraging kids to choose kindness. 'Shred Hate' is led out of the league's front office under the leadership of former player and out gay advocate Billy Bean. Bean serves as a Vice President and special assistant to Commissioner at MLB.

MLB’s continued support of Spirit Day shines a spotlight on the reality that LGBTQ youth are disproportionately bullied because of their gender identity and sexual orientation. The league’s dedication to Spirit Day shows a powerful commitment to creating further acceptance for LGBTQ people in sports: And that is something all fans should celebrate.

About Spirit Day

Each year, millions go purple for GLAAD’s Spirit Day to support LGBTQ youth in a united stand against bullying. Started in 2010 by high school student Brittany McMillan in response to numerous young LGBTQ lives lost to suicide, Spirit Day now draws the participation of celebrities, schools, faith institutions, national landmarks, corporations, media outlets, sports leagues, and advocates around the world, all joining together to stand against bullying and support LGBTQ youth.

Presenting partners Pantene and Target, official partners Kellogg’s and the NBA and WNBA, and community partners Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Kirkland & Ellis, and Wells Fargo will all participate in the anti-bullying campaign. 

As anti-LGBTQ policies, hate crimes, and harassment are on the rise, it is now especially important to let all marginalized youth know they are supported.

This year, Spirit Day is on October 17, 2019. Take the Spirit Day pledge to show LGBTQ youth you've got their backs at Follow @GLAAD on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up to date with #SpiritDay news.