Maine Anti-LGBT "Get Out the Vote" effort based on fear and lies

UPDATE: Protect Marriage Maine has scrubbed  the post from its website; the links below will now take you to a blank page.

Blogger and #GLAADCAP consultant Jeremy Hooper noticed this morning that the official website for the campaign to defeat marriage equality in Maine may have gone further than any other state-level marriage campaign in its denouncement -- not of same-sex couples getting married - but of gay people, period.

According to "Protect Marriage Maine's" "25 reasons to preserve traditional marriage:"

To accept homosexuality as the social, moral, or religious equivalent of heterosexuality would constitute the first modern assault on the extremely hard-won, millennia-old battle for a family-based sexually monogamous society – precisely because the homosexual lifestyle is highly promiscuous. The basis of homosexuality is centered around anonymous sexual encounters. Long term relationships are very rare.

The was written by a man named Edward Allebest, who appears to be an attorney in California. But today it's on the website of Protect Marriage Maine, front and center among "news and updates." Most anti-marriage equality activists will say they're not against gay people, they just don't want them to be married. But this campaign has now shown its true colors. There's a lot more over there, including the idea that marriage equality "is a political battle for the supremacy of competing values: “Woodstock” values vs. the Judeo-Christian Western civilization" and that people who support the LGBT community as part of "an anti-Western counterculture" - and the whole document is clearly intended to rile up people who are already quite anti-gay, because everyone else will see this as the nonsense that it is. This is why campaigns usually stay away from this kind of rhetoric. But I guess it's part of their "get out the vote" strategy, to scare supporters by threatening the encroachment of "Woodstock values" (really?) and talking about how gay people 'rarely form long term relationships.'

This stuff is a far cry from the Frank Schubert school of subtler, more palatable scare tactics. This is trying to make voters believe that if marriage equality becomes law, there will suddenly be gay people everywhere, having sex all the time with whoever or whatever's around, and I guess putting on some legendary music festivals while they're at it. And yes, while it seems silly to us, it exposes the true, purely anti-gay sentiment behind this effort to prevent marriage equality. 

Hopefully, Maine voters will stand up for true New England values today and make this a non-issue. But if the people behind this campaign get involved in anti-gay activities in the future, it is imperative that the media bring up these statements to let ordinary Mainers know that these people are not coming from a place of understanding or tolerance - they are coming from a place of willful ignorance about who gay people really are.

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