Maggie Gallagher on MSNBC to Defend Racially Divisive Tactics

2nd UPDATE: Thomas Roberts Has Confirmed that MSNBC had mistakenly booked the wrong studio, and that Maggie Gallagher was prepared to do the interview in a different studio.

Maggie was not interviewed. Thomas Roberts instead interviewed Wayne Besen from Truth Wins Out about the story.

Yesterday, the Human Rights Campaign revealed that America's largest anti-marriage equality organization, the National Organization for Marriage, has been employing tactics designed specifically to "(fan) hostility" between the LGBT community and the Black community, and to turn the Latino community against marriage equality by painting the issue as being part of an "assimilation" threat. The documents also revealed that NOM has been looking for celebrities who are glamorous, but (in NOM's own words) "Non-Cognitive" to represent their side. NOM Co-Founder Maggie Gallagher will be on MSNBC today to discuss these revelations of her organization's divisive schemes.

NOM is the most well-represented group on GLAAD’s Commentator Accountability Project (#glaadCAP), with five associated figures (Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher, Christopher Plante, Jennifer Roback Morse, Robert George) among those anti-LGBT activists with profiles. 

Gallagher has already claimed that this controversy is a “non-story” for a “slow news day.” Gallagher writes that “[i]t’s always amusing to watch the media go to work to generate a non-story. In this case, it’s about ‘secret’ documents that show NOM reaches out to black and Latino churches to fight gay marriage.” On MSNBC today, she will undoubtedly attempt to do so again.

What NOM was doing was FAR more than "reaching out" to churches. This is about painting LGBT people as a cultural danger to Latino families. This is about "fanning hostility" between the Black community and the LGBT community. The word "provoke" is rarely mentioned in any sincere outreach process, yet there it is, plain as day.

Gallager should be called to task for statements that her organization wanted to - in its own words - "provoke the gay marriage base into responding by denouncing (black) spokesmen and women as bigots."  If it's such a "non-story," then she should be asked to explain why former NAACP Chairman Julian Bond felt the need to issue this statement calling her group's tactics "reprehensible."  And considering the fact that there are many people in both Black and Latino communities who are also LGBT ... was NOM concerned that its tactics would turn those peoples' families against them?

MSNBC has an opportunity to hold Gallagher and the National Organization for Marriage accountable for its actions and its statements.