Los Angeles Times Spotlights Trans Pride L.A. after GLAAD Meeting

After meeting with GLAAD and other transgender community leaders, the Los Angeles Times sent a reporter to cover Trans Pride L.A. on Saturday.  We believe this is the first time the LA Times has covered Trans Pride since it began in 2000.  Read Kurt Streeter's profile of one of the nation's largest Trans Pride events: "Transgender pride festival celebrates freedoms but isn't carefree."

Nick Adams, GLAAD's Associate Director of Communications and one of GLAAD's transgender staffers, met Streeter at the event and introduced him to local leaders including Rodrigo Lehtinen from Gender Justice LA, Drian Juarez and Jake Finney from the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, and Laverne Cox, Trans Pride's special guest this year.  On Friday night, Cox was interviewed by D'Lo, a queer Tamil Sri Lankan-American, political theatre artist, writer, director, comedian, and music producer.  In July, Cox will star in a new Netflix original series from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan called Orange is the New Black.  

The festival included workshops, musical performances, a film festival, a catered dinner, and an after-party.  More than 30 vendors and community organizations participated in the celebration by setting up booths at the event to inform and educate the community about the services and resources available to them.

GLAAD was this year's official media sponsor - read more about the festival.