PHOTOS: GLAAD in action at Creating Change

GLAAD's staff is home from a busy weekend at Creating Change, is the largest annual organizing and skills-building event for the LGBT community and their allies. Organized by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Creating Change offers a variety of keynotes, workshops, trainings, panels, and receptions for the full range of the LGBT community.

We were at several of the day-long institutes:

GLAAD hosted "Social Media: New Media Training Institute," where Dani Heffernan joined Reina Gossett from the Sylvia Rivera Law Project to discuss GLAAD's transgender health care campaign, "Healthcare For All." They showed videos created to bring awareness to the barriers that transgender people face trying to access health care.

Monica Trasandes and Janet Quedazapresented "Contando tu Historia: Trabajando con los medios de comunicación" or "Telling your Story: Talking to Spanish-language press" as a part of the Latino Institute.

Tiq Milan presented information on transgender youth and violence as a part of "Transgender People Unite against Hate and Violence" on Thursday.

Then, when the conference "officially" began, GLAAD was a part of several workshops, meetings, panels, and presentations.

Ross Murray spent time talking about how GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project shines a spotlight on the extremist statements of anti-LGBT activists who receive mainstream media attention as a part of a panel on "The Psychology of Debunking LGBT Myths, Lies & Misinformation in the Media."

Dani Heffernan led "Growing Visibility: Transgender People in the Media," featuring her colleague Tiq Milan. Other panelists included Reina Gossett of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, Monica Roberts of TransGriot, and Laverne Cox, who rocked the house as a keynote speaker for Creating Change.

Ross Murray collaborated with Believe Out Loud to present "LGBT Voices of Faith in the Media – YOURS" to discuss religious voices in everyday conversation and media about LGBT people.

On Friday night, GLAAD mixed it up with Bloggers, Online Activists and People Who Love Them! Attendees included Pascal Tessier, Greg Bourke, and several others who were instrumental in overturning the Boy Scouts' ban on gay scouts. Also featured were Jeff and Jeremiah, a newly engaged couple who are competing in the ACLU's My Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding.

We are now all back, inspired, and ready to roll!