LOOK: GLAAD's interns meet Edith Windsor

On Monday, GLAAD and hundreds of others were present at the LGBT Rally for Homeless Youth, in Washington Square Park, which kicked off the the National Campaign for Youth Shelter. The Ali Forney Center partnered with the National Coalition for the Homeless to create awareness and get the ball rolling on prioritizing the protection of homeless youth in our country. Read more here and check out some great pics!

At the rally, GLAAD interns Caroline Ruocco, Joeli Katz, and Jacob Rudolph (myself) met up with the LGBT movement's matriarch, Edie Windsor, for a quick photo.

Despite her age (85!) Ms. Windsor was so full of energy as she greeted us with hugs and the kind of smile that reminds you that there will always be good people in the world. But I believe that the above photograph represents so much more than just another click of a camera's lens; it symbolizes the entire LGBT movement.

The LGBT community spans all races, nationalities, genders, religions, and ages... and what has never ceased to amaze me is that a woman Edie's age and young people not even 20 years old are fighting every day for the same cause.

We thank Edie for all she has done to enable young people like GLAAD's interns to live the lives we love and to continue pushing for the rights everyone deserves.