LOOK: 13 Maine Newlywed Couples Describe Each Other in One Word

On December 29, Maine's new marriage equality law went into effect, allowing many same-sex couples across the state to marry. To commemorate this historic day, Sam Ferrigno of HooplaHa.com traveled to Portland and prompted 13 newlywed couples to describe each other with one word written on sketch pads. Ferrigno photographed the heartwarming results of this exercise, which you can see below:

Lucie Bauer and Annie Kiermaier

Shari Russell and Sandy Duhamel

Suzanne Blackburn and Joanie Kunian

Chris Kast and Byron Bartlett

Roberta Batt and Mary Donaldson

Michael Snell and Steven Bridger

Wendy West and Rebecca Leeman

Steven Jones and Jamous Lizotte

Nancy Barba and Cynthia Wheelock (and their daughter, Eliza)

Jeff Burdick and Josh Laton

Jen Stuart and Jillian Farrell

Marie Francis and her partner Carrie

Allegra Hirsh and Robin Wright

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